• What is Muddy Bites?

    We took just the tip of an ice cream cone and turned it into a delicious snack!

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A lightbulb moment...

At Muddy Bites, we bring you the best part of the sundae cone in every bite. Our delicious flavors include:

Milk Chocolate

Classic and creamy, this flavor brings the nostalgic taste of a traditional sundae cone.

White Chocolate

Smooth and sweet, perfect for those who love a rich, milky flavor.

Dark Chocolate

Bold and intense, this flavor is for the true chocolate aficionados.

Cookies 'N Cream

A delightful mix of crunchy cookies and creamy white chocolate.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints™

A refreshing twist with the iconic taste of Thin Mints, blending mint and chocolate.

Each bite is filled with excitement and happiness, just like reaching the end of a sundae cone filled with chocolate, aka, the BEST part.

Just like that, Muddy Bites was born to deliver that perfect crunch and flavor in every piece.

Muddy Bites Standards

Muddy Bites is proud to be GMO Free and Kosher certified

It’s free!

We use simple, GMO-free ingredients for our health, planet, and the farmers!

Kosher Certified!

We are certified kosher dairy by the Orthodox Union.

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