• Bite-sized crunchy waffle cones filled with creamy Milk Chocolate

  • The bottom of the sundae cone, now as a bite-sized snack!

  • A surprisingly indulgent snack that isn’t too indulgent. There are about 300 calories per bag of Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites which works out to 140 calories per serving. 

  • Can be eaten in a variety of different ways (alone, on ice cream, dipped in peanut butter, on top of cakes, etc) 

  • GMO-Free

  • Kosher UD Certified

  • Resealable bags


Milk Chocolate

S'mores Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for a winter recipe to enjoy while cozied up by the fire, look no further than our Milk Chocolate S’mores Hot Chocolate. This easy and delicious recipe comes together in 15 minutes and is also perfect for entertaining!


  • ¾ cups semi sweet chocolate chips 

  • 3 cups milk 

  • 2 graham crackers 

  • 1 bag of Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites 

  • Marshmallows


  1. Begin by putting the graham crackers and a few Muddy Bites in a large ziplock bag. Use a mallet or a rolling pin to roughly crush them up. Pour out onto a plate and set aside. 

  2. Melt down the chocolate chips on low heat. 

  3. Dip your mug in the melted chocolate, then in the graham cracker/Muddy Bites mixture (Crunch Rim!). 

  4. Pour in your milk, up your heat to medium low, and continuously stir until the chocolate has fully incorporated into the milk. 

  5. Pour into your mud. 

  6. Top with marshmallows, and (optionally) torch them with a kitchen torch to get that campfire taste. 

  7. Serve with additional Muddy Bites for dunking and enjoy!