Shipping Policy

If you have questions about shipping, please email us at along with your order number.


Most orders are shipping out within 48 hours (*unless stated otherwise on our website pricing, order, & checkout pages*). Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to track your order via USPS. Once shipped, your order will arrive within 3-5 business days.


Refunds or cancellations are NOT available once your order has been either:

  1. Prepared to shipped (meaning your order has been bagged up & a shipping label has been purchased).
  2. Already picked up, or delivered, by our USPS location.

Failed deliveries or lost packages:

If your order shows delivered by USPS via your tracking code, but you're unable to locate it within your mailbox, doors, etc. please email us at and we'll help you from there.

Failed delivery or lost packages within USPS can happen from time to time. So, our first step will be to verify some information with you and then we'll have you send us your address again for confirmation. If needed, we will then attempt to send you another shipment.

If our 2nd shipment attempt has failed, we are no longer responsible to cover shipping costs nor refund your order.