6 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays With Muddy Bites

6 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays With Muddy Bites

The holiday season is all about spreading warmth, love, and happiness, and what better way to do so than with the irresistible combination of waffle cones and luscious chocolate? Muddy Bites are here to elevate your holiday celebrations. So, get ready to discover how you can add a dash of sweetness to your festivities and create unforgettable moments this holiday season.

Use Muddy Bites As The Perfect Stocking Stuffer:

Santa, I hope you're taking notes! Muddy Bites are the ultimate stocking stuffer for chocolate lovers.

Hot chocolate dunkers:

Hot chocolate & Muddy Bites are a match made in heaven. We like dunking our dark chocolate bites in a sweet hot cocoa!

Dessert toppers:

Elevate your desserts, like cupcakes, with Muddy Bites! Pro tip: check out these Christmas Tree topped cupcakes for a festive decorating idea! Simply pipe green frosting around one of our waffle cones.

Cookie mix ins:

Have you checked out some of our cookie recipes yet? You’ll want to leave out these chocolate chip & Muddy Bites cookies for Santa this year!

Add Muddy Bites to your charcuterie boards:

Our waffle cone snacks pair perfectly with an array of meats and cheeses - no need to wait until dessert to enjoy Muddy Bites! Switch out traditional sweets for Dark Chocolate Muddy Bites!

Leave em out for dessert:

For a low effort (but highly delicious!) dessert idea, leave out a bowl of Muddy Bites for dessert at the end of the evening. Grab a variety pack so that you can put out a bowl of all three flavors!