Introducing our long awaited Muddy Bites variety pack!

Introducing our long awaited Muddy Bites variety pack!

With our new website revamp comes a highly requested and anticipated option! We are thrilled to announce that Muddy Bites now has a variety 3 pack option for purchase on our site. Get a bag of each of our milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and newest white chocolate flavor in one box. 

Why not try them all?

This variety pack is the perfect way to try all of our flavors easily. While previously we offered a minimum quantity of 5 bags of only 1 flavor in an order, this option now allows you to try them all without committing to a large order, making it a more affordable choice! Try them all before you buy - you may be surprised by which flavor is your favorite! 

Milk chocolate is the classic rich flavor that you know and love. It’s creamy, decadent, and sweet, but not too sweet. It is our most popular flavor and what we started our brand with!

Dark chocolate joined the lineup in spring of 2021 and has since been a popular flavor among those who enjoy a richer, slightly less sweet version of our milk chocolate bites.

White chocolate is our newest addition to the lineup! Who can resist a decadent and creamy white chocolate filled crunchy waffle cone snack?!

Give our 3 bag variety pack option a try today - we guarantee you’ll find something to love! The best bite is for everyone to enjoy. And now that we’ve got our 3 packs available, everyone in the family can try them all and choose their favorites!