Enjoying Muddy Bites, popcorn, and a movie during the perfect time of year to get cozy and watch your favorite scary films.

The Best Scary Movie Snacks

It is officially spooky season! One of the best times of year to get cozy, turn on your favorite scary movie and munch on your favorite snacks.

That is why we put together a guide for the best scary movies + Muddy Bites pairings:

1) Scream + Muddy Bites mixed with Popcorn: This salty and sweet combo will have you screaming for more! Simply pop a bag of popcorn and mix in a large bowl with Muddy Bites. 

2) Halloweentown + Muddy Bites Pumpkin Cupcakes: You can’t help but think about pumpkins when you watch this movie so why not try these simple pumpkin cupcakes with Muddy Bites stems

Muddy Bites Pumpkin Cupcakes

3) Nightmare Before Christmas: A classic movie deserves a classic snack, keep things simple and simply sit down with a couple of bags of your favorite Muddy Bites. 

4) Casper + White Chocolate Muddy Bites: If Casper the ghost could snack, we know he would be munching on our White Chocolate Muddy Bites. The perfect balance of creamy white chocolate and crunchy done, they are a friendly option for all.

5) Hocus Pocus 2 + Muddy Bites Witch Hats: This is admittedly the most complicated of our recipes but worth the effort if you are hosting a Hocus Pocus 2 viewing party and are looking for something to wow your guests. It only has a few ingredients and does not take very long!

Muddy Bites Witch Hats

Want to make the Muddy Bites Witch Hats? Here you go!


  • Muddy Bites, any flavor
  • Sandwich cookies
  • Melting chocolate
  • Stuff to decorate! Cookie icing (gel or regular) and sprinkles are what we used


  1. Melt your chocolate according to the directions
  2. Dip a Muddy Bite into the chocolate and push onto the sandwich cookie to allow it to dry to “glue” together (can also use icing for this)
  3. Dip the sandwich cookie + Muddy Bite hat into the chocolate and allow to dry